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Dr. Tarsha Basheer: Surgical Gynaecologist

Welcome to the website for Dr. Tarsha Basheer, well respected Adelaide gynaecologist. Dr. Basheer runs a gynaecological practice located in the Adelaide suburb of Toorak Gardens, performing a comprehensive list of gynaecological services. Our practice offers individualised, best practice gynaecology to ensure that each patient receives the precise care that they require. 

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Dr. Basheer believes in building rapport and understanding with all of our patients, through active and open communication. She works tirelessly with each patient to thoroughly assess and understand their medical situation to deliver the best possible care.
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Our practice offers a large range of gynaecological services for our patients. Dr. Basheer believes in a holistic approach, whereby all facets of your gynaecological health are examined and considered. 
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Dr. Basheer believes that it is important for all females to have a basic knowledge and understanding of gynaecological issues. This is why we provide links to resources and information, which provide easy to understand information on gynaecology and obstetrics.
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Get in touch with our team on (08) 8431 5271 for more information. 
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